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Geneva eye care & Elevated EYEWEAR

The Blinka Difference
Elevated Eyecare

At Blinka Optical, we showcase the best of what the optical world has to offer in the heart of Geneva. We offer unique, high quality frame designs, digital lens technology and comprehensive eye exams with the comfort and familiarity that only a locally owned, independent business can provide.

Our Mission

Seeing the world through the right lense

Early in our careers, we traveled the country, living in some really amazing places, getting to know some wonderful people and stretching ourselves professionally with each move.
When we settled here in the Fox Valley 20 years ago, we realized we had found 'our place' and have enjoyed everything about living here. We love Geneva and the way the people, places and community resonate with us.

Establishing Blinka Optical is a way of deepening our connection and becoming a part of the fabric that draws people to our great community. We want to be your first choice when it comes to your next set of glasses and invite you to come in to experience the Blinka difference!

“It has been a dream of ours to create something unique within our community.”

We offer a more curated experience of eye-care. From exams to picking the perfect frame collection or contact lens - we offer a one on one exam collaboration that lends itself to the latest technology and labs. Styling, comfort, connection and customization are our pillars of eye-care.
Let's Do This

Open Access Provider

Blinka Optical is an open access provider, accepting all clients without limitations frequently imposed by some insurance providers.

While we do not bill your insurance carrier directly, we gladly offer assistance with reimbursement paperwork and insight into reimbursement rates.

This framework allows us to offer clients the power of choice. You are able to choose from the best independent designer frames, advanced lens technology and premier assembly lab partners that may be limited if we were directly affiliated with some insurance carriers.
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